Sri Lanka Crab

Also known as Giant Mud Crab found in the estuaries and rivers of Sri Lanka.

A favourite seafood dish amongst many Singaporean seafood lovers.

These  Sri Lanka crabs are known  for their succulent sweet meat and also an iconic Singaporean seafood dish.

Why pay around $80 for just one crab when you can simply cook at home?


Two dishes using one main ingredient.

First dish – Crab Meat Ee Fu Noodles.20200226_114351

I normally served Ee Fu Noodles with Abalone but since I have such a meaty Sri Lanka steamed crab. Remove the large chunk of meat from the steamed crab body and topped over the Ee Fu Noodle dish.


Simple to cook Ee Fu Noodles,  currently my favourite brand.

Can be served crispy or boiled.


Find out from this link, the recipe for preparing Ee Fu Noodles.

The other dish is using the meaty pincers to serve with Chilli Crab Sauce.  🤔



Gigantic meaty tasty pincers to be served with Pandan flavoured Mantou.


For recipes on how to prepare Chilli Crab dishes, check out this link.



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