Quick Fixed Stir-fry Baby Kailan

Kailan, popular vegetable in Asia.

Also known as Chinese broccoli or Chinese Kale.

What’s best to prepare this veggie is to simply stir fry with this Premium brand Oyster sauce for added flavour.

There are a few varieties of Kailan available at our local markets but I still prefer these crunchy baby kailan.

Simply remove the stalk and leaves separately.

Wash thoroughly and change water a few times to remove grit and particles.

Most interestingly, I found something else in this batch of Kailan.

Check out my Nature Blog for the details.


Prepare and combine sauce ingredient in a small bowl to include Oyster sauce, Chinese cooking wine, sesame oil, pinch of sugar and dash of salt (optional).

Heat up wok over medium heat and sautéed minced garlic with some cooking oil.

Add the Kailan and the sauce. Blend well and stir fry to your desired doneness.

Transfer into a serving plate and garnish with crispy shallots.

For more loving green recipes, check out here.



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