Do you prefer Selar or Kuning Fish?

Spotted Fish Roe amongst these Selar Fish.

The larger cousin of Kuning Fish. Selar is aka Yellowtail Scad.

Selar Tail is yellow whereas Ikan Kuning has grey tail.

Selar is often served at Peranakan restaurant grilled with sambal belacan chilli stuffed inside the fish.

These Selar were coated with turmeric and pan fried till golden brown.

No wonder I couldn’t achieve the crispness when deep fried like those of the Kuning fish.

Deep fried Selar Fish to be served with home prepared Nasi Lemak. šŸ˜ƒ

Ikan Selar can be easily identify with long dark strip of hard scales extending from the tail to about one third of the body but Ikan Kuning does not.

Kuning Fish or Yellowstripe Scad or aka yellowstripe trevally.

Distinguished by its prominent lateral yellow band running along the back from head to its tail with small eyes, very thin scales and greyish tail.

Crispy Kuning Fish ready to be served with Nasi Lemak.

Can also be coated with turmeric powder or Paprika powder and a little salt.

Check out this link for more interesting fish recipes.


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