Savour Yellow Croaker

Due to the tenderness of the flesh and skin, it is challenging to cook this fish compared to other dishes.

Fresh caught Yellow Croaker with delicate flakes full of flavour yet sweet taste and firm flesh.

If you are a frequent customer of Putien Restaurant, you will come across several Yellow Croaker dishes.

Simply gut and clean the fish.

Rinse and pat dry with kitchen towel.

Season with salt and pepper or all purpose seasoning on both inside the cavity and outside.

Lightly coat with cornstarch.

Heat oil in the pan over medium high heat and deep fry till golden brown and crispy on both sides.

Look at the delicious pan seared fried Yellow Croaker with its crispy skin.

The delight flakes have turned so crispy after deep frying.

Yet the fish meat remained moist and tasty.

For deep-fried yellow croaker, it’s best to choose the smaller size fish.

Don’t even require any sauce to go along with this dish.

Yellow Croaker, the crispy fish on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.
Yums 😋

Looking for more variety of fishes I have prepared for the family?

Check out this link for details.


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