Roti John

Crusty Baguette loaf with a combination of marinated minced beef, eggs and crunchy sweet onions. This baguette omelette sandwich traditionally served with tomato sauce. A twist from a normal burger. Flo Passion For Cooking Garnished with diced Japanese cucumber and tomatoes, an added freshness to this eggy dish. Marinade the minced beef with superior light … Continue reading Roti John

Soon Hock

Fresh Live Soon Hock (Marble Goby). Fresh is best! Marble Goby derived from the marble stone coloured skin. This pricey premium freshwater fish with incredibly delicate taste and texture. Body covered with fine scales. Slimy to touch. To remove the sliminess, rub coarse salt all over the entire fish and wash off with tap water. … Continue reading Soon Hock

Braised Baby Abalone and Baby Sea Cucumber

Braising seafood is one method of cooking sea cucumber that will melt-your-mouth tender. Initially I was hesistant to purchase these smaller size pre-soaked Sea Cucumber but I always trust my regular seafood supplier recommendations. Flo Passion For Cooking Normally a popular Chinese New Year dish, but since its available recently, I decided to purchase some … Continue reading Braised Baby Abalone and Baby Sea Cucumber