Emperor Red Snapper Fish Head

How about steaming this meaty fish head with minced garlic black bean paste? What's best about steaming fish? It cooks the fish delicately and at the same time maintain its moisture and highlights the tastingof the fish. Black bean garlic sauce is one of my favourite topping for steamed fish. Another alternative is the grounded … Continue reading Emperor Red Snapper Fish Head


Do you prefer Selar or Kuning Fish?

Spotted Fish Roe amongst these Selar Fish. The larger cousin of Kuning Fish. Selar is aka Yellowtail Scad. Selar Tail is yellow whereas Ikan Kuning has grey tail. Selar is often served at Peranakan restaurant grilled with sambal belacan chilli stuffed inside the fish. These Selar were coated with turmeric and pan fried till golden … Continue reading Do you prefer Selar or Kuning Fish?

Red Grouper

This Red Grouper with its appealing red spotted skin wild caught from the Indonesian waters. Popular as Chinese Pomfret and highly in demand during the Chinese New Year and amongst Chinese restaurants for dinning events. With tender flesh and beautiful white flakes when cooked with a firm texture and sweet flavour. Also known as "Ang … Continue reading Red Grouper